Mindanao’s food production capacity, an advantage under the ‘New Normal’

May 18, 2020


DAVAO City – For many years, Mindanao contributes a huge percentage of food production for the whole country. This trait of the said region is seen as an advantage under the ‘New Normal’ since Mindanao is known for being more than capable of sustaining its own agricultural needs and at the same time develop its own food surplus.
    The President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Incorporated (DCCCII) Gian Carlo Borja-Tria is positive that Mindanao is going to have huge potential at re-building its economy under the ‘New Normal’.
    “…the consensus of many business observers is that the food production capability of Mindanao will be the premium advantage of the island…,” Tria said.
    It is because of this that the DCCCII discussed the capabilities of Mindanao in food production as an indicator of how agriculture is going to play a vital role in re-building the losses brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    “…the fact the we (Mindanao) can produce food - and we actually have the capacity to produce surpluses – will be our advantage and I think that is where a lot of businesses will have to examine…”, Tria added.
    The current trend of food production is currently low due to complications in logistics or movement brought about by the imposed public health safety measures. That is why it is important for the agricultural sector to ensure a dependable and stable system in ensuring the delivery of farm-to-market goods.
    “Yung logistics kasi ng pag padala ng food sa ibang area ng Pilipinas ay medyo mahirap. Kung malakas ang logistics at mababa ang price nito, our products can easily be competitive and find their way to other markets like the Visayas and parts of Luzon (The logistics involved for sending food to different areas of the Philippines is a bit difficult. If logistics will become more dependable and affordable, our products can easily be competitive and find their way to other markets like in the Visayas and parts of Luzon),” Tria discussed. (PIA XI/KPLCaro)



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