Gardening with CitiHardware

April 5, 2021


Flowers and plants increase the level of positive energy, help people feel secure and relaxed. It brings beauty in every space, whether big or small, inside or outside our home. Beyond aesthetic value and ambiance, plants are considered a vital resource. 
The global pandemic changed our lives and our way of living. Planting and gardening became one of the gateways to overcome the difficulties of the crisis experienced. Having plants help reduce stress and anxiety. Growing vegetables and crops supplied fresh and healthy foods.
With the drastic change in our daily activities that led people to engage in planting, CitiHardware offers a wide array of products that will suit your gardening needs. Here are some gardening products that are available at CitiHardware 1) Propagation pots, flower pots, and decorative pots with different sizes and colors. 2) Paper seedling trays are also available that are 100% eco-friendly, breathable and biodegradable. These are great for planting flowers and vegetable seeds. 3.) Potting mix, fertilizers and seeds can also be found at CitiHardware. These are helpful in growing your own plants and crops.
CitiHardware also offers hand gardening tools. 1) Garden forks that are used for loosening the soil. 2) Garden trowel and trans -planter are primarily used for digging, transplanting, and weeding. 3) Bypass pruner, trimmer, pruning saw and pruning shears are also available that are used to remove unwanted branches.
CitiHardware also has small garden equipment. These are brush cutters and leaf blowers that are best for pre-gardening activities. You will also find sprayers and garden hoses made from durable materials suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty uses.
For your gardening and home improvement needs, come and visit any CitiHardware store near you! 
You may also shop at the comfort of your home thru Shop & Go hotlines, CitiHardware at Lazada inc., and For more information, check our CitiHardware website
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